Palmdale Airport Expansion and Power Plant

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We've got a client that has some property in the Palmdale, CA area that's near both the airport and where the new power plant will be going in. He is worried about a couple of the potential projects that may affect his property and is curious if selling his property makes sense. Unfortunately, we have been unable to answer his questions too well about if the power plant project or the possible airport expansion would affect his property. Does anyone know what the exact location of the power plant? And, does anyone know what the likelihood is that the airport expansion project goes through, and if so, what area would that then affect?

We're open to referring our client out to an agent that shows competence and knowledge of the Palmdale area and is up to date with what's going on there. Any input is appreciated and please let us know if you would be interested in this client being referred to you.

Thank you!
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The solar power plant is 300 acres at the corner of Division and avenue "M" on property that adjacent to Air Force plant 42. See more information here:

The "airport expansion" that most people talk about has been on the drawing board since 1965 and no dirt has been moved since. This is supposed to be a new commercial LAX type of facility in the east Palmdale desert about 15 miles from the center of town (and above mentioned power plant,) NOT the airport near the power plant. The airport expansion will be many, many more years due to infrastructure issues, mainly roads to and from the airport area and access to the Antelope Valley, in general, from outlying areas.

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Feb 12, 2009 01:02 AM