Buyers agents are FREEBIES in Texas!

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I've learned that oftentimes, people are just afraid to ask questions, for one reason or another.  So rather than ask, they'll just wander around in a daze.

So here are a few basic answers to things buyers may be wondering....

Q.  If I work with an agent to buy a house, what's it gonna cost me?

A.  Nothing!!  

Buyers agents are paid at closing by the seller, not the buyer.  And in my case, I pay the transaction fee charged by my broker.  And, have a special gift for my buyers after closing, just to say thank you for their trust and letting me assist them in such a major decision.

Q.  If I'm buying a home thru a builder, why do I need an agent?

A.  The builder rep works for the builder, not the client.  So who is looking out for the buyers' interest?  No one, unless they use a realtor.  Some builders may say the buyer can save a little on the cost of the house by not using an agent at all, however, the commissions paid by builders come from their marketing budget, not the sale of the home.  Again, it costs a buyer nothing to work with a knowledgable and experienced agent. 

Q.  What does an agent do for me, that I can't do myself?

A.  Surprisingly enough, most people find a home on their own via the internet, so the role of an agent has changed somewhat.  Agents guide clients thru the transaction process, including the negotiation of the contract, coordinating inspections and bids for repairs, and providing a quality network of service contacts (insurance, cleaning, inspectors, etc.).  Agents are behind the scenes managers, keeping everyone working together to close a transaction in a timely and orderly manner.


If it costs a buyer nothing to have the voice of experience behind them, why WOULDN'T you work with an agent?



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