Carlos Alvarez: A Man with Many Plans

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The mayor of Miami-Dade Country has major projects on his mind and hopes to stimulate the economy by giving Miami-Dade County a metropolitan makeover. 

Though Mayor Carlos Alvarez had these ideas in mind before the housing crisis and subsequent recession, he is "sticking by his guns" and thinks the recession presents even greater reason to start these projects. The projects the mayor is so vigorously supporting are the Miami Marlins stadium in Downtown Miami that will cost a whopping $515 million dollars and an underwater tunnel to the Port of Miami that will "tip the scales" at $1 billion dollars. His plan is also contingent upon municipal bonds and tourist dollars which are not as high as they were predicted to be.

These projects are obviously a gamble by a county that is amassing debt and cutting government programs…so why is Mayor Alvarez so adamant about them?

Carlos Alvarez thinks these projects will not only boost Miami's credibility as a major tourist destination, but create local jobs in construction and give Miami more long term investments.

What do you think of the mayor's ambitious plans?

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