What do they do in that big white building in Washington?

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I am truly confused on what is actually happening.  Sometimes I think "I got it!" then they change direction.  I never have liked the politics of getting things done even in my small town of about 25,000.  It should be either black or white, but I guess our human nature mixes things up with seeing how you can work the system and makes it a gray issue.  If we would stop trying to find loopholes in things and do what is right, we wouldn't have these gray issues.

I think the Treasury Secretary and the President is trying to be all things to everybody.  I watched the Secretary speech and I felt it was canned and emotionless.  He was reading directly of his teleprompter and you could tell.  I know he is young but he also has an impressive resume.  Surely he didn't get where he is by canned speeches.  Say whats on your mind and don't worry about who you are going to offend, I thought things were going to be done different in Washington.  These financial companies put us where we are at and they need a scolding.  I guarantee that in my small real estate business if I ran my business that way, my wife would let me know about it. 

I didn't vote for President Obama, but as an American, I support the position and he needs our support, providing it is not immoral or unethical.  He has a great big issue to deal with and he made several speeches that said we all will feel the pain and this should include the heads of the financial industry, especially if they are getting government money.  That's money that you and I as taxpayers have paid. 

I read an article today from CNBC.com and this was in the report about Merrill Lynch "20 people were paid more than $8 million and 53 people were paid more than $5 million. Some of the bonuses - 30 percent - were paid in stock" WOW!  Yes, I have heard the argument that these bonuses are part of their pay/incentive package.  I say a big fat, SO!  These companies would have probably went bankrupt if the government didn't give them a shot of Billions of dollars.  If they would have went bankrupt, they would have received a big fat goose egg (that zero if you didn't already know).  I am sitting here and making my payments on my investment properties, paying my own home mortgage, paying taxes and being a productive member in my community.  I'm not asking for a handout and don't want one, but is it not true that everyone else like me doesn't get a reward for being prudent and living within our means?  Yes, I would admit that I have sold some houses utilizing these sub-prime loans but I also would add that I have counseled people out of buying houses.  I feel that if you are unable to enjoy life living on your income, like going out for pizza with friends etc..., then you don't need to be married to that house payment.  If you are, then you won't make it.  I taught a financial class and have counseled many in finances.  It has been proven that couples finances account for about fifty percent of divorces today, probably more in today's environment.

Anyway, I got off the subject.  I ask, "Mr. President, members of the House and Senate get your act together.  Make AMERICA the focus of your agenda.  This stimulus package should be for the NOW and the immediate future, not what you have promised somebody.  Let's address the NEEDS not the wants and help get us moving FORWARD, PLEASE!"

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Great post and I totally agree!  I am trying my best to give the President the benefit of the doubt, but it's not looking good. I didn't vote for him either, I am trying my best to think positive, but it is hard.

Feb 17, 2009 09:12 AM