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$8,000 Home Buyer Tax Credit about a done deal

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In an effort to restart the economy by giving the housing market a boost, those who buy a home any time this year (you must close this year) will receive a $8,000 tax credit. 

A tax credit is not a write off, or a deduction, it is a rebate, or a 100% check.

I have posted my idea on how to get that money this year, instead of waiting until you file your taxes next year:  http://www.pottstownmortgage.com/$8000-Home-tax-credit.htm

The housing industry is the backbone of our economy.  Many jobs were lost as a result of the slowdown we are seeing, hitting the construction and home improvement industries hard.  It is more than just plummeting values.  It's a domino effect.

The tax payers are paying $8000 to anyone with an income under $75,000 who buys a home ($150,000 for joint filers). IT IS NOT A LOAN like the last stimulus credit for $7,500. 

Get your piece of the pie and buy a home.  And help the country out doing so!