Beautiful Weekend @ Deep Creek

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We are enjoying a wonderful long weekend @ Deep Creek. It is Valentine's Day and Presidents Day weekend which makes for a perfect 3 day weekend. We have a lot of folks in town and the Wisp is perfect for skiing. After a week of unusually warm weather our area snow had all but melted, but today it snowed most of the day and the ground is white once more.  We are lucky to have family in town this weekend so we got out of the house and enjoyed the area. We had a wonderful lunch at the Mountain Top Brewing Company on Sang Run Road. Excellent pizza and homemade root beer. We were thrilled to see the restaurant doing well. It was packed from the time we arrived until we left. As I looked around I realized that the kids in the restaurant were really enjoying themselves. They have done something very unique; they have family games available to take to your table and play. Some were playing Connect 4 and others were trying to outsmart each other with Battleship. After a filling and delicious lunch we headed to Swallow Falls and took a nice winter stroll. It was absolutely beautiful. Watch your step though, because there were some icy spots. The water was running with such power, it was awesome. After getting all that fresh air it was time for another stop. We visited Black Bear for some great chicken wings for my brother-in-law and enjoyed the crowd. Thanks to Connie for taking good care of us this afternoon.

It was great driving around. We stopped at Silver Ridge and met with Sam Housley and toured the beautiful craftsman style homes that he has listed. The workmanship and attention to detail in these homes is incredible. It is incredible what you get for the price. They are remarkable homes. If you haven't had a chance to see them, stop in. They have a model home and several other units that are ready to purchase.

There are some great opportunities here in Garrett County to purchase your vacation home and since we are a straight shot from the Washington Area and only 90 minutes from Pittsburg, you really need to come and see what is available. We sure hope to see you soon. Remember next weekend is the 2nd Annual Winterfest in Oakland. Call now and reserve your rental home and enjoy some beautiful ice sculptures and crisp mountain air.

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