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Septic Sytems are not the same as sewer, they need more care. My house is on the city sewer system, so I never gave much thought to flushing the toilet, or what I dump down the sinks, even when my 5 grandchildren come to visit, and both bathrooms are in use at the same time.



Well today I thought about the septic systems that people have, and that many people that are buying new homes in Cabazon and White Water, CA might not know how to properly care for the Septic System.



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Here are a few tips. for caring for your Septic Sytem:



  • The septic system is built according to how big the house is.   IMPORTANT:  if you add on, the system might not be of sufficient size, make sure you check.
  • A good friend, who is an expert on Septic Systems stated ," think of your Septic System  like your stomach" don't put anything corrosive in it, as it will upset the balance.  Use biodegradable detergents.
  • About once a month pour 1 gallon of yeast down the toilet, but never use bleach.
  • The more women in the home the more the system has to digest the contents .  The system should be pumped every 2-5 years.


Also be careful about who you hire.....there are several people in the area that purport to do the work of building your system cheaper than others, but check and make sure they have Insurance.  If not, you could be in for a big headache later. 

 A good contractor carries liability insurance, and it is prudent to ask them for verification of their policy, and check their license against their Drivers License.  Many people have "borrowed" someone else's contractors Lic. Number, so make sure they are legit before hiring them. and don't forget to check to make sure they are licensed. 


Buying a home in areas like  Cabazon, or White Water, CA many times is an affordable alternative to one in the bigger cities.....but there are differences like having a Septic System and often a Propane Tank instead of Natural Gas.  Hopefully these tips on How to Care for your Septic System  will be useful for you.  If you need a good referral send me an email, or feel free to call and we'll  get you hooked up with a reputable company :)






By: Kathy McGraw - CELLing Realty ~  Authoring the Whitewater Times Newsletter and California Real Estate and Life  Blog

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