Why it's important to have more than one of everything!!!

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We as a Team like to keep our options open by having more than one person who can do things for us, such as Home Inspectors, Sign Companys, Handy Men, ect. ect.

So I am thinking of putting in a Pool, I start to ask around for referances, ect. ect. Have some people come out, show us what they have, get prices, and such. Ok we are ready to go to the next step, we need a HELOC in order to get this done.

I call the 3 people that we normally send our Buyers to for Mortgages. Person number 1 gets on it ASAP and gets me the numbers I wanted the same day, Person number 2 gets them to me on day 2. day 3 and 4 and 5 come and go and I still have not heard back from lender # 3. So I call and get voicemail, leave a message for them to call as soon as they can.. Its been 3 weeks since I contacted them the 1st time and still have heard nothing. So today I email them and ask what the heck is going on with the Information I wanted 3 weeks ago, I was pretty aggressive in the email and spoke my mind. Do you think that they could pick up the phone and call???? Nope, I did get a response thru e mail that read something like this." Jay sorry for not getting back to you, I do not do HELOC loans, so I forwarded your request over to someone else in the office, sorry they did not call, I will have to see what happened."

 WOW!!!!! How many deals did we give this person in the last couple years??? Too Many I guess!

Couldnt even have the decency to follow up with the person in her office to make sure they took care of it... Couldnt even have the decency to call me and let me know that she did not do these loans....

Imagine what would have happened if this would have been a Client that I referred to them...

Moral of the story is, have more than one person to take care of your Clients!


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