What does your marketing pieces say about you?

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When it comes to real estate, image is key.  A lot of money is spent on the best picture, the right car and the right packaging that promotes a professional image to your client.  But, does that same care and perfection go into your marketing pieces?

A lot of times the most important image maker or breaker is, in fact your first contact with your clients ...

Your marketing pieces.

So why does so many people put the least amount of time and money into these pieces?  I get correspondance on a daily basis from realtors, insurance brokers and other types of businesses and their pieces are so unimpressive.  It makes me think that if they put that little effort into their "first impression", how much time are they going to spend on me?

Professional looking pieces doesn't have to break the bank.  There are printers online that produce fantastic looking marketing materials for pennies on the dollar.  Also, if you don't feel comfortable creating the pieces on your own, or if it takes you hours to create one piece, consider hiring a virtual assistant or designer on a per project basis.  They can create a piece that looks great and in a fraction of the time. 

Keep your message simple and to the point.  Make sure the message is pertinent to the individual receiving the materials. 

Your materials should be vibrant and full color.  Or if you are sending materials in an envelope, use a color or odd sized envelope.  Try putting a catching phrase on the front.

Finally, think about your own mail.  Which pieces do you read and why?  Do they look like they were done in a basement office or do they look like they were done by a professional?  Was there multiple messages or one clear and precise message?  Follow your own cues and that will lead you to a successful marketing campaign.

For additional assistance, feel free to contact me to schedule a free consultation.  Together we can design the best campaign for your budget.

Thank you,

JoAnna McIntosh

Marketing Consultant




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Theresa Cavanaugh
Global Realty Marketing - Appleton, WI
Joanna, excellent advice.  I am going to check out my pieces with a different eye.  Now that I am thinking about it, I may have a neighbor check them out and give me their opinion.
May 08, 2007 12:54 AM