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Sell for Just 3% with, MLS, Top Realtors & More!Here is the newest in housing developments on an alternative way to sell your house THAT REALLY WORK for Press Release:

This company is one of Connecticut's fastest growing full service real estate companies and they are changing the horizon of real estate forever unlike any other company. How? They offer home sellers a much more affordable alternative to sell their homes without giving up full professional REALTOR services and all that comes with full service--this is quite possibly the best alternative to sell your home yet: This company is, REALTORS., REALTORS offers the latest technology and money-saving full service signature products to home buyers and sellers and even REALTORS of this U.S. housing market. This company was founded to offer sellers, buyers, and agents better full service at deep discounts. However, do not be confused and assume cost and services were shaved down -- rather, only the cost for those services is less while services are increased/expanded. This company offers sellers tailored full service REALTOR listings to sell their homes starting at just 3%, more unique service products, FREE For Sale By Owner Web Advertising and Signage, and overall better and affordable professional REALTOR services than ever before.

Overview of Company

To understand this company one must first understand its founder. This company was founded by an exceptional REALTOR who dealt with consistent difficulty in the real estate brokerages she was formerly affiliated with (large familiar firms who Thou Shalt Not Be Named) regarding her marketing plans and desire to offer sellers full service listings at discount rates less than 5%. Despite her independent contractor status all of these real estate firms branded themselves ‘the best' yet contributed very little, if anything, to the support of her clients' listings, marketing plans, and to overall help her clients other than to collect money from those clients at closing. Many of the firms would not even take telephone messages from her signs! Often these firms, and the brokers who supervised them, provided 'no' marketing support or at-cost services to her and her clients --- yet, consistently, the firms and their brokers and managers refused to allow her to list her clients' homes for less than 5%.

This seemed very unfair to not only her clients but also to herself as a REALTOR as much of what she earned as an independent contractor with no assistance from the firms was paid to these firms who were not truly ‘earning it‘. Furthermore, this practice seemed to infringe on the right of every REALTOR as is promoted through The Sherman Anti Trust Act to be competitive in their clients‘ best interests and to offer competitive products in an effort to promote that healthy competition. Ideally, she knew something had to change. Today that change is aggressively at work with her company,, REALTORS.

The Mission of, REALTORS

Despite that many sellers had no alternatives other than to list with a "limited service (e.g.: one who charges a flat fee and lets the seller do the rest) broker" , this economic constraint is one of the larger concerns homeowners selling encounter and adds to the uncertainty of meeting their goals - to make money on their homes. This, after all, is the reason they need or want to sell. Realistically, paying too much for brokerage services defeats the purpose of selling one's home when the cost to sell consumes all or most of the potential profit. The solution to this problem is embodied in the, REALTORS mission statement goals.

In response to these continued problems, REALTORS has vowed to eliminate this restraint. Through the company's mission to openly compete with these brokers as a full service discount broker (despite their criticism) sellers will now have the opportunity to discount list with full professional service. This company, quite simply, works harder for less. "However, when brokers were earning $20,000 to $30,000 per transaction (and, they are not even doing much of the work!!), less is what is needed, in my opinion. It is a good paycheck to earn 1% on a $500,000 home (typically, a 2-2.5% co broke fee is paid and the listing agent earns the remaining 1% on the 3% Plan)" explains Mary Cavallo, President of Sales and Designated Broker., REALTORS is proud to offer this full service discount model to all homeowners and,she further reinforces that it is long overdue in her opinion.

Listings start at 3% with full MLS, REALTOR.COM, support, a written performance guarantee, and much more. Furthermore, the mission statement of, REALTORS strongly parallels with the healthy competitiveness promoted through The Sherman Anti Trust Act (for more information on this legislative Act visit: and with the promotion of ideals and values of healthy non-monopolistic competition continuously endorsed through The National Association of REALTORS, one of the largest professional trade organizations of REALTORS in the United States. In short, such creative and diverse services are long overdue and welcomed through this innovative company.

With the promise of excellence in full service and savings combined with a written performance guarantee there is relatively little risk in trying out some of the signature service products below. Here are some of our company's signature products otherwise very hard to find elsewhere:

Here are a sample of some of the company's signature products:

Signature Product 1:

Full Service (don't confuse this with limited service wherein, for a flat fee, sellers have to arrange all showings, negotiate contracts, track listings themselves, etc.) listings starting at 3%! This includes a 2%-2.5% co broke fee (sellers can also opt to raise the co broke fee at their own discretion, if they choose) for the MLS, door-to-door service statewide, extensive web presence, service through expert REALTORS only [no novices], help for buyers in securing sustainable, affordable, government insured down payment and closing cost assistance programs for homebuyers, and everything and more traditional listings have always included for similar listings between 5 and 8%! Go to to find out more on this revolutionary company's "Sellers' Marketing Plans" or visit to read up on the company‘s unique mission statement.

Here's the rub: If you are selling your home be prepared to think practically about price if you want to list with this company. One of the founding principles of this company is to avoid overcharging clients and also to refrain from marketing overpriced real estate. Overpriced real estate is a contributing factor to the housing problems and not good for the overall economy and sustained economic growth is a goal of the company‘s General Mission Statement. Therefore, if your home is valued at $230,000, for example, you would not qualify for a 3-3.5% listing if you wanted to list it at $300,000 (and the company reserves the right to defer your listing in this situation).

To understand this value, company President and Broker Mary Cavallo recommends you request and receive a Free Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) on your home. She also explains that a properly performed CMA is often very in-depth and fine-tuned and should be prepared only by an experienced and trained REALTOR or broker with appraisal education and/or experience. Often CMA statistics and data used in this process are the collaborative algorithm of using various different formulas to value only learned through appraisal education: This is why the company does not recommend a self prepared valuation or recommends only a capable REALTOR or broker with education and experience in this capacity perform one (, REALTORS are required to have this education/experience if they want to join rank) as often there are adjustments a homeowner or inexperienced REALTOR can miss that are key in accurate valuation. The foundation of a good listing is accurate valuation.

However, values change and you should have a professional and new CMA every 3-6 months, at the very least.

Not sure what your most recent value is?, REALTORS performs FREE no-risk Professional Comparative Market Analyses and the idea behind this is simple: Well priced property using good valuation tools should sell and with today's technology---why overcharge the customer? The company may allow you to ‘test the market' slightly above your CMA value, but it reserves the right, at its own discretion, to sell only "well" priced property according to Mary Cavallo, Designated Broker and President of Sales. However, she also comments that it is not a process to worry about too much and often sellers' ideas of value turn out to be very similar and parallel to the actual CMA value. Homeowners often have a good idea what their home is worth. "The CMA services we offer are all a part of the Sellers' and Buyers' Marketing Plans".


Signature Product 2:


Door-to-door statewide service by professional top REALTORS only. This company is very selective about who they choose as REALTORS (who are, by the way, some of the best paid in the business). Not just ‘any' REALTOR can join ranks. A REALTOR or broker must have a proven track record of performance and/or education to join the company and policies about this are very strict. This reassures the clients of only top quality service and REALTORS who will truly perform. Well selected, well paid REALTORS make great REALTORS and satisfied sellers.

Signature product 3:

When you list your property with this company all of the company's buyer prospects will be offered an array of unique services surely to entice buyers to consider buying your home. These unique perks make choosing to buy your home more attractive than your competition who will most likely not have these perks added to their listings-especially not at deeply discounted commission rates. Here is what this company offers that other company's probably will not:

Free first year full home warranty at no cost to the seller or buyer

Through government loan specialist companies-- access and pre-approval for CHFA and FHA's lowest rate fixed mortgages with the option to use CHFA or FHA's down payment and closing cost assistance programs (this is very important: It renders buyers access to affordable, sustainable lending tools that are hard to find oftentimes...making your home more marketable than others).

Buyers receive the same signature door-to-door service, written performance guarantee, and more. Visit to learn more about this company's exclusive full line of buyer services.

Overpriced homes purchased without the benefit of a buyer CMA (REALTORS should perform a buyer CMA always!) that were over financed are considered one of the main problems of today's housing market - in the form of ‘foreclosures‘. Sellers have no equity in them, banks over-financed them, REALTORS can not sell them. This leaves sellers at a disadvantage and way too much debt on a house which, quite frankly, is just not worth it oftentimes. For this reason, the company believes REALTORS have an obligation to check values at no cost for our clients. It is the philosophy of this company to only recommend a purchaser a home if that home is not overpriced and over financed and, in this capacity, our REALTORS help our buyers understand this concept through analysis and long overdue counseling. All, REALTOR buyers will have the benefit of a professional Competitive Buyers Market Analysis prepared before making an offer and only by a professional experienced REALTOR/BROKER on any home they are considering purchasing to be rest assured they are not overpaying or over financing for a home. This is important as overpaying for a home often occurs when REALTORS sell clients homes without performing or offering the client a Buyers Market Analysis. Often, many REALTORS do not even know they can perform one of these analyses muc h less have the proper training to perform a CMA even if they wanted to. It is the advice and philosophy of this company to NEVER assist a client to buy a home without rendering the client the FREE benefit of having an experienced and professional REALTOR perform a fine tuned and adjusted buyers' market analysis. To do this, of course, requires the assistance of 'only' an experienced/professional broker/REALTOR. Hence, the reason only experienced professional REALTORS are qualified to join ranks. This is not the case with many large familiar real estate firms -- oftentimes, REALTORS working for these firms are part time REALTORS who do not have experience at all and these companies will take on ‘any' recruits no matter what their experience is. Before you buy a house - make sure you receive a FREE CMA by only a qualified REALTOR or broker with appraisal and CMA training and experience. Not sure how to determine this? Ask your REALTOR or broker to explain the three different approaches to valuation and how they use them in determining your property‘s value. If a REALTOR or broker can not do this or explain it in a way you can understand-- chances are they probably are not qualified to value your property properly much less sell it.

Signature Product 4:

Although some companies claim to have this also...this company offers it for both buyers and sellers alike on a much more competitive level without all the red tape: A written performance guarantee for both buyers and sellers alike. A written performance guarantee promises if you are not satisfied you can cancel your contract with the company. It is that simple. No risk, no hassle, no problems. Read more about the company's written performance guarantee at today.

Signature Product 5:

This company is not worried about other companies talking to their REALTORS to discourage them from joining ranks. Why? This next product is a sure-fire reason why other brokers will want to keep agents from learning about this company. If you are lucky enough to be considered as a Signature, earn anywhere from 90% to 100% of your commission (traditional firms pay 50% or less typically) and you can choose to develop your own name branding, list at whatever commission rate you choose for your client, open an office of your own, and more. Visit to learn more about working for this revolutionary new company today.

Signature Product 6:

Free For Sale By Owner Advertising and Signage: For those sellers who want to market their own property this company offers a place to advertise on the web for free and free professional signage as well. Upon customer registration the company displays all the property details and up to 13 photos [more upon request]. This is a great way to gain strong web presence in a professionally formatted website at no extra cost and trouble. Sellers can even preprint their own marketing materials with the exact "URL" their property is located on the company's website. Visit to learn more about these and other services or set up your Free For Sale By Owner Marketing with, REALTORS today by calling (860) 349-7084.

".....Through careful research analyzing the market and in our on-going effort to utilize alternative thinking based on ethics and values, through our development, use, and continued education of the use of technology, and through our100% commission plan with very low overhead as a mechanism to redistribute income in the real estate industry, agents will prosper both economically and professionally while providing homeowners with exceptional services. Through these initiatives and to that end we believe such conditions will create access to services on an affordable scale for both agents and clients. By these means it is also our mission to consequently create a sustained rise in the demand and need for real estate goods (homes) and services within our local and national economy thereby creating the conditions necessary to bring about and sustain the economic growth hoped for.

It is through this model of economic enterprise how we hope to make a difference in the local and national economic market and economy on the whole...."

....(excerpt) Mission Statement ,, REALTORS

Contact Info:, REALTORS

VP, Sales, Douglas Palmieri

Designated Broker: Mary Cavallo

6 Way Road, Middlefield, CT 06455

Telephone (860) 349-7084

Fax (860) 349-7086


Serving all of Connecticut Statewide

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