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Paczki..a South Bend tradition!!!

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Well, Fat Tuesday is on it's way again and who can make a better paczki( pronounced poonch-key) than The Dainty Maid Bakery??? Look,  do not even think you have had a good paczki until you have tried Dainty Maid's.  There are many flavors but the one that folks buy by the dozen is the wonderful strawberry paczkis. Yum! I started a tradition of my own several years ago when my parents moved to Florida.  Now, every Fat Tuesday I send paczki through our good old United States Postal service to my parents and hope that they make it there okay.  I spend a good deal of time packing them to keep cold and also to keep from getting destoyed from the long trip.  Well, sometimes things just do not work out like you want them to..last years paczki did not arrive "overnite" like they should have(like I paid them to) and 3 days later my parents sent me several pics over the email of a big mess.. Not only was the contents destoyed..but it was three days late...grrrrr..I spent approx $65.00 dollars just for shipping alone...


There is not a point to this..other than I will be shipping a different way this year and hope for the best! I just wanted to share with all of you some of the things I love about South Bend.  So everyone have a great Fat Tuesday and save a paczki for me!!!