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As the title implies, it is very important to choose the correct Agent when you decide to sell your home. How do you go about doing this, what are the correct questions to ask, do you work with an Agent that a friend or family member refer to you?  These are just a few questions among many that face the average home owner when they decide to place their home on the market.

First I think you should look at whether there is someone you know in real estate or that could be referred to you. Sometimes the best Agents to work with are ones that are referred to you, what you want to ask the person who is referring the Agent to you is why they are recommending them. You want to ask how do they know the Agent, did they use them themselves, what was their experience with them and why they think that Agent would be a good fit for you. Once you have asked these questions of your friend/family member, then you should interview the Agent and see what you think of them and then ask them your questions ( which I will address below).

Second, I think that if you don't have someone who can be referred to you, then you need to ask co-workers, members of the community that you know or anyone else that is not a family or friend for the name of someone that they might know. This is different than the above example because here you are actively looking for the name of a Realtor through your sphere of influence. Lastly, you can call the local agencies in your area and make an appointment with someone to speak with, but in doing this its like cold calling for a Realtor. In this last situation you are essentially rolling the dice on who you have coming out to your home.

Once you have the Realtor/Realtors that you want to interview, what do you ask and how do you compare them. Here is my list of things that I think you should ask or expect:

1) This is the most important thing to me and it's not even a question, when the Realtor arrives are they dressed for the appointment or not? As a professional in the business your Realtor is going to represent you and their image is very important, so how they are dressed speaks volumes.  You should expect the Agent to be dressed professionally because for them this is a business appointment and an interview.

2) Prior to the appointment, ask the Agent for a copy of their resume and if it's on line where you can find it, whether the resume is on line or not is important because it can indicate whether you are dealing with someone who is familiar with the Internet etc.. Once you have the resume review it and during the interview ask the Realtor some questions about what you read.

3) During the interview every Realtor is going to tell you about their own or their Companies marketing strategy, but you also want to know how the Agent is going to represent you. By this I mean once offers start coming in how do they plan to handle things, what is their negotiating strategy.

4) The fee charge is another question that you want to ask about, now every Seller knows that they are going to ask this question of the Realtor(s) that they meet, but how does the Agent(s) react to this is important. If an Agent cannot negotiate their own fee, no matter what it is, but is automatically willing to take whatever you want to pay, then you need to ask yourself whether they are really a strong negotiator or not.

5) Besides taking the regularly required licensing classes to maintain their license, does the Agent take any other classes during the year to keep up with on going changes to the real estate market? Is the Agent active in their board, taking advantage of classes,seminars etc. do they participate in their local board? These are important points because it lends to the professionalism and dedication to the Real Estate Industry that the Agent has.

Choosing the right Agent is imperative especially in these trying times. My resume can be found on my profile page of Active Rain or you can go to the Masiello website and look me up under the "find an Agent" link and view my resume on line there. I bring over 10 years of experience in all kinds of markets and look forward to discussing your needs. Remember your house is probably the largest financial asset you have and you need to know that the person who is handling our home has the qualifications to meet your needs.

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Dom Naidoo
Westside Properties - Venice, CA
Malibu to the Marina Real Estate


Very good post with helpful information. I always remember to keep it simple and stick to the basics.

Feb 15, 2009 06:32 AM
Cindy Bryant
Redesign Etc. Home Staging - Houston, TX
"Houston Home Staging Pros"

Very well said, the only Realtor we had here, showed up in khaki's, a hole in his shoes, and a really old car.  Luckily he was our buyers agent, and did a great job.  I do remember pulling up to another realtor at a house and they got out of a mercedes.  So yes, first impressions are everything.

Feb 15, 2009 02:19 PM