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I recently attended a 2 day course in Pensacola, FL on distressed properties and it was worth its weight in gold! I am now a Certified Distressed Property Expert©.CDPE Logo

I was a little skeptical of the course at first because "expert" sounded over the top to me, and how could a 2-day course turn me into an expert? Well I may not be an expert -yet, but I'm well on my way to becoming one!

One day after completing the course I called my first ever expired- a short sale! They'd had their home on the market for one year and to my horror I discovered the homeowners had been in the foreclosure process for the past 11 months!

The wife and husband had separated and the wife didn't know the listing had expired. She was terrified of losing her home. (I'd hoped that meant losing her home to foreclosure and not to a short sale!) The husband knew the listing had expired but didn't know what he was going to do.

My mind raced through what I had just been taught and I realized the Summary Judgment was just around the corner. Did they know what was coming? Had they been prepped for what was about to happen?

A tremendous amount of knowledge, planning, and expertise went into the CDPE course, and the real-life situation I just described is why. The needs of a homeowner are so much greater when they are in default or facing default on their mortgage.

My conversation with the husband ended with him asking me: "Do you think you can help me?"  "Yes", I said with confidence and conviction, "Yes, I can help you!" I'm glad I took this course and a lot of distressed property owners will be glad, too!

CBS News Clip - The Mortgage Meltdown, Dec. 14, 2008

Kelly Lehmann, Realtor®

Certified Distressed Property Expert©

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Alex Charfen
Charfen Institute - Austin, TX

Kelly - we are priveledged to have you as a member of our organizaiton.

Alex Charfen
Preisdent and CEO

Feb 15, 2009 09:21 AM