What about Fresno?

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I like to call it FresYes, as many people do.. the positive YES ending is much better.

Talk about the heart of California! Fresno County is located just about right in the middle of the state and provides great opportunity for diverse living.  The beauty is magnificent with three national parks, forests and wilderness areas in the area.  The San Joaquin Valley is complete with mountain ranges, foothills, and bodies of water to amaze you.

You’ll find agriculture, museums, festivals, outdoor activities, financial, industrial, and commercial living. If you are considering a move to the area - It would be my pleasure to introduce you to Fresyes and help find you the perfect place to call home.


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Getting sick of all the harassment from your sellers and your secretary should know better then to bother us after the sale of the house is closed! Our gas was shut off without notice because the seller failed to disclose they had an outstanding bill of over $1,000!!!! Now the seller wants to come remove the alarm system we bought with the house! Its not enough she stole all the mirrors out of the 5 bathrooms! Her boyfriend threatened to slice my agents throat! They dug up dead grandma out of the back yard at midnight 6 hours after we bought the house! That was not disclosed either! They stuck us with their 3 dogs for 6 hours because they left them at our house! They didn't disclose that the property floods all the way up to the house, I have video proof from the neighbor! They did not disclose the upstairs bathroom floods the garage and is not usable! Would you like me to continue! We pay a monthly PGE bill. It is not my fault they don't shut off their services or pay their bills! I am tired of all their deceit and you need to take care of your clients and leave us out of it.

Aug 03, 2017 12:54 PM