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Move in ready homes sell in West Linn

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Knowing what the buyer wants and convincing the seller to do it can be a challenge. 

Time is money.  As the list agent, you only get paid when the home sales.  Your out of pocket expense varies with the type of marketing you do.  But none is free.   As the seller, you only get to move on when the home sells.  You have the cost carry every month if you bought before you sold, you may have needed to relocate to take advantage of a new opportunity.  But the monthly nut is still there. 

So why no common ground?  Many prospective list agents worry about offending the seller and not getting the listing.  Relax, do you really want to take just any listing that is competing with the many that are on the market here in West Linn or Lake Oswego. 

Agents that are taking listings on an over priced and under prepared home just clogs our already to high inventory.  Adding to our market time and many seem to forget the underprepared homes are the ones most likely to be competing with a REO as well.  Pricing going out the window  there!

Be honest with sellers on what needs to be done.  They really do want to sell their home.

Let them know homes ARE SELLING.  Do they want they want to be one of them?  In reality, the biggest cost will be reducing price, because the buyer of today wants to buy the home that is market ready.

I walked a West Linn property with the seller on January 15th.  The home needed a serious face lift.  Carpet and paint go along way.  Some updated lighting and a good scrub down.  As we walked, I chatted.  We discussed buyers.  Who would buy their home, where they may be coming from, what is the motivation.  Understanding the buyer is key for agents and sellers alike. 

We discussed options on what could be done, pricing, and of course the doing nothing option. And they listened.  I mean really listened.  When it came back to pricing, I told them the home would take 2+ weeks to get ready and when it was finished we would review pricing.  The market is changing daily.  Again, they listened. 

We put the home on the market on 2/6.  We accepted a full price offer yesterday.

Sellers are looking for straight answers and professional guidance.  Give them what they are looking for.