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New Orleans Real Estate - How to Choose Paint Colors

We all have heard that paint colors can effect people psychologically. So how can we use that information to best sell our New Orleans Real Estate? Realtor magazine just put out a very interesting article on people's color preferences and psychological responses. The following information was taken from that article and The Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute.
Red: Increases energy and heart rate, creates excitement, and stimulates the appetite. BEST FOR: DINING ROOMS
Orange: Adds comfort, warmth, and cheerfulness, but too much can bring about feelings of cautiousness. BEST FOR: LIVING ROOMS and FAMILY ROOMS
Yellow: Brightens mood and promotes welcoming and joyful feelings; increases positive thinking. BEST FOR: HALLWAYS
Green: Most restful color. Reduces nervous system activity and muscular tension, calms and relaxes, offers reminders of nature. BEST FOR: LIVING ROOMS;accent for KITCHENS and DINING ROOMS
Blue: Promotes feelings of calmness, security, tranquility, and cleanliness; lowers blood pressure, cools a room, and serves as an appetite suppressant. BEST FOR: BEDROOMS
Purple: Boosts creativity, imagination, and meditation, but can have unpleasant subconscious responses. BEST FOR: CHILDREN'S BEDROOMS and PLAY AREAS.
Obviously, this should just be used as a guide. Have fun with colors! It may actually help you sell your home!
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