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Of course we have experienced this years Valentine's Day.  I do believe that it is important to remember that special person or psersons in our lives and to make them feel extra special.  That is what is so great about Valentine's is a vehicle to accomplish that.  Whether it was flowers, perfume, candy or some other type of present or nice gesture, it is almost a certainly that it was very well received.  From personal experience, I can say it was worth the effort.  I had my list and say it through to completion.

But on a real estate note, and to be more specific in reference to our Green Valley, Arizona market; it looks like Valentine's Day is beginning to bring some positive momentum to our area.  Certainly, for those who are familiar with our market, this time of year is termed our "season"(whichmeans the most intensely compressed time of the year for our area's real estate sales activity).  But, I do believe the activity we are experiencing is quite a bit above expectation, especially considering everything that is going on.

Out home sales numbers show that in a one year period between 2007 and 2008, 999 residential units were sold.  While in the same corresponding one year period from 2008 until 2009. 758 units were sold.  The active number of units available today is at 966, which has become an average type figure for daily housing availability.  I am thankful because I do see well priced properties surprisingly moving at a rapid pace; and dI do not mean just foreclosures or short sales.  So that is a very good sign for our market.  As you know, you can not extrpolate real estate generalizations, in entirety, from one local market to another.  Local markets may have similar up and down trends in general, but are still site, location, and economically relative.  We do enjoy this area so much, and if any of you or your clients are interested, please check out our website at: or just igive us a call!

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