Staging Training 101 - Getting Sellers on Board with your Staging advice

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Home Staging Training 101 - How to get reluctant home owners to follow through on your staging advice for a faster sale - Part 1

Have you ever heard this before?

I want to sell I really need to do everything your suggesting?

YES! Yes, yes and yes! Remember the old adage, "You don't have to floss all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep?" I say, "You don't have to stage all your rooms, just the ones you want to sell."

Sometimes people think a few changes (especially the easy ones) are all that is really necessary. To heck with all the other stuff that may require more effort than they would like to expend.

Responses that get home sellers get on board

In my years of experience, home sellers that have done all of the things I have suggested, have sold faster and for more money. Creating an emotional connection with the buyer is imperative. With so many homes having the same floor plan as the next, homes must be designed in a manner that differentiates them from their competition so buyers can connect to the property. So when I give someone advice to help them sell their home faster and they say, "do I really have to do all that work?" Here's what I say.

•-         Buyers are seeking light and bright, spacious and inviting homes. By making these changes, we can create a more luxurious and desirable environment, which will likely produce higher offers.

•-         What I see working best in the market today is.........   Avoid expressing opinions about anyone's style, taste or possessions. Instead, note how the change will positively impact the buyer's perception of the property.

•-         If this were my home, this would absolutely be top priority for me and I would not put my home on the market before doing it.

•-         Since you will be moving anyway, packing up these items will give you a jump start on the moving process.

•-         Statistically, staged homes sell 2-3 times faster and receive 3-10% higher offers. By making these changes, you will greatly increase your chances of attracting a motivated buyer quickly.

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