Where Is The Silver Lining?

Home Inspector with Pillar To Post Of Northeast Georgia

With all of the financial turmoil that is affecting everyone, especially in our industry, we might wonder, "Where is the silver lining?"
I have been experiencing the silver lining without noticing that it was there. what we are sharing in common. The good as well as the bad.

The bad is obvious.
Most if not all of us are suffering the financial repercussions of what is going on in the world today.
My inspections lately have been mostly on foreclosures. Foreclosures on every day home owners, builders
and even on once prosperous people from our Real Estate community.

The good is there also.
In experiencing this adversity I have bonded more closely with many of you. There is a certain comaraderie that develops when people share a struggle. I have had longer and more meaningful discussions with agents who shared their concerns, and efforts to get through this rough patch. It has brought to light to me how much we all have in common.
I have helped several people network to find additional employment, and have been given leads to help
me along also.

On a more personal level. The current situation has caused our family and friends to spend more personal
time together. Instead of going out to a restaurant to eat we gather together in each others homes and
enjoy the food and each others company without the noise and distractions from others.

I also feel like we will be stronger when things turn around. We didn't have to dig as hard when things were easier.

Now we know how hard we can try and if we can survive in the hard times we are bound to thrive when conditions improve.

When God closes one door he opens another and what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

Let me know if there is any way that we can help one another.

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