Value of a Brokers Open is open for debate!

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I coordinated a Brokers Open today, in western Loudoun County, with 8 other properties.  In western Loudoun, we have to innovate to get other agents to trek over "from the East" part of the county to see our I enrolled a number of other agents for a progressive lunch...appetizers, entree, and dessert...spread throughout the properties.  PLUS, there were $300 in prizes and drawings..every agent had 3 chances to win!

Sounds like a no-brainer, right?  Great, free food and prizes!  Wrong!

A poor turnout, at best...just a handful of agents out of the 791 double-sided flyers we distributed to attract foot traffic to our listings.  And that's with the bribes of food and prizes.

Well, I'm mostly sad for my hopeful sellers...who worked so hard to get their homes (in one case a builder with a lovely new construction offering) ready for show.

I'm a bit miffed, some of the other agents who are quick to grumble about how "slow", or "dead" it is.  All the while, they are contributing to the market paralysis...I'd rather they get out there and preview these and other homes for sale and be ready to share enthusiam with potential buyers.

I know how hard agents work to get a Brokers Open ready, especially if there are multiple properties.  I feel it's my duty to preview, to participate, and show support for the other agents, irrespective of their brand or affiliation (disclosure, I'm with Keller Williams).  So a few days/week, and nearly always on Tues, don't be surprised to see my name appearing in your lockbox report.

Thanks to the other agents that agreed to the "tour of homes" today.  I have another idea for next month!

Home's a great time to buy a home in Northern Virginia, and especially in Loudoun County!

Best, Nikola  

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Stephen Leiby
Northern Virginia Real Estate - Keller Williams Realty - Leesburg, VA

I cannot speak for your particualr office, however i can tell you that our office has between 12 to 25 dedicated agents that support one another when they have an open house.  And yes they feed us, but you can tell it isnt really the food that is bringing them to the opens.  I am sure that if you, even though your in another office went to our opens, our agents would show up at yours.  I would just because of the KW Spirit  

Steve Leiby

Managing Agent

Northern Virginia Real Estate Group

Keller Williams Realty 

May 14, 2007 04:51 PM