Wow! This is so cool!

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Whoa, what happened?!  For a while I was so busy 'BPOing' that I took a break, a long one, from ActiveRain.  Now I'm slowly trying to re-learn life here on The Rain since they've changed so much these last few months.

To my surprise this group Super Women has grown.  YIPPEE!  I'm so glad to see we have pages of posts from the members.  Now if I can only get a photo loaded-I have a good one but it just won't work! 

If anyone has a photo they would like me to use I'm all for it.  Thought about posing for it myself with the kid, dog, cat, hens, pans, mop, laundry, desk, and vacuum, but the space allotted for the photo looks mighty small for all that.

Thank you all for being a part of this group, may we continue to learn and grow together.  Have a terrific day!

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