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Home Inspection

A home inspection includes the non-invasive inspection of the exterior of the home, grounds, roof, foundation, basement, crawlspace, heating & cooling systems, electrical system, plumbing, attic, doors, windows, interior, insulation and more. Our inspections will take from 3-5 hours or longer because we take our time to be THOROUGH for you the client.  The report is usually 20-30 pages long and will be emailed to you by the next morning.  Our report is in a PDF file format with color photographs.

"Jeff was very good. He pointed out several issues with the home that were negotiated and fixed by the seller prior to closing.(Leaky tub into drywall below, septic needing pumping, and carpenter ants.) I would recommend Jeff Remas to anyone.  I wish I would have paid him to come back for the final pre-closing walkthrough. We missed a few tricks the sellers pulled, his eyes would probably saved us more $$. Closing day is so overwhelming, easy to get in a fog and miss stuff." - Joe, Bushkill

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