Then my Dad said "Whats your last name?"

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I am proud to be a Realtor and carry that name.  It is an honor for me and I want to represent it well.


You see I have an older brother!  That is probably enough said but he is an older brother who wasn't too thrilled to have a younger brother.  In fact he always told me I was adopted.  So when I would get in trouble or my parents would be especially hard on me he would always remind me it was because I was adopted. 

One day when I was about 12 and I was about to go away on a church trip my Dad came into my room and shut the door behind him (which is never a good thing)  He then proceeded to ask me this question "Son what is your Last Name?"  I immediately thought "Oh crap, I am adopted, and he is about to tell me right now!" and I answered "Piker" and then he said "and what is my Last name?" and I said "Piker" and then he said this:  "That's right we carry the same last name and every where you go you carry that name, just like I carry and my father carried and his father before him, so if you leave this house and act like a fool or do something you shouldn't do then you are not only representing yourself but every one who carries that name and has ever carried it" Needless to say I have never forgot that conversation. And now when my nine year old gets ready to leave the house, or to walk on the ball field I look at him and say "what's your last name?"  enough said he knows what I am talking about.

I carry the name Realtor, and I know who that represents, and if you carry that name realize today that you are not just representing yourself, but everyone who carries that name as well!



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Jennifer Kipila
Van Dyk Group - Barnegat, NJ
The Muldowney Team - Ocean County Homes

Great point.  I think sometimes it is forgotton.

Apr 26, 2009 07:46 AM