The best way to Streamline your short sale business

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We are in a new age with gadgets and software out there to help us take our businesses to the next level, but we are hesitant to try out new products that might in fact potentially save us hundreds of hours in work. Why is this? Maybe because were are so tied up in our day to day life's or maybe we think we have found the secret sauce to our business. The truth is we always need to be looking into ways to improve what we are doing in our businesses. We need to take control now while streamlining efficiency and be consonantly  pushing our self's and businesses to the level. For instant doing short sales can be timely process and overwhelming at times, having stacks of paper and Work out packages that literally have you berried behind your desk. While trying to work with the bank and never knowing where that note was that you just had regarding a file that is imperative to closing the file up, or loosing that number to that good bank contact. Well theses days are now over if you want to take you short sale business to the next level, then you need to check out Short Sale Commander software. ( This will take care of all the work for you. Virtually streamlining processes, that will manage all your data for you and get the info on a file at the click of a button, at the same time managing your entire pipeline paperless or now called GREEN! The banks are receiving 20,000 faxes a day and are over it and looking for the next way to take not only get on the green band wagon but streamline there short sale processes in 09  to make it a much easier solution for all. If anybody had any things that can help us better our businesses in 2009 please let me know. Thanks and good Luck


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