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garaughty, iphone wallpaper, blackberry wallpaper


 OK, so I'm fully caffeinated and finally found a bit of time to blog. I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day and is full of love and chocolate! I had a busier than busy week with a thousand things going on at once but it's all good, actually great stuff and I'm totally buzzzzzzed!!!

 My PC was overdue for an upgrade and I've been shopping, thinking, etc... and finally decided to

- make the BIG move from Windows to the Apple Mac

- I've also decided to ditch my phone company for a VOIP phone service

- designed a new background for my Twitter account

- and most important, trying to think of new, fun, effective ways to help you guys...

garaughty, iphone wallpaper, blackberry wallpaper



garaughty, iphone wallpaper, blackberry wallpaper

 Take a quick look at...

More people tweet with mobile than desktop  by Warren Sukernek

Shortcovers brings E-Books to iPhones  by Budi Putra

BlackBerry Contest 20 Free Copies of RepliGo Reader  by Kevin Michaluk


 Whether we call these hot topics, trends or just things the "cool kids" are doing, more than anything it's an opportunity to jump into the pool and get involved with stuff people are buzzed about. Even president Obama is connecting in ways no other president has done before (iTunes).


garaughty, iphone wallpaper, blackberry wallpaper



garaughty, iphone wallpaper, blackberry wallpaper

 Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm working on a lot of new stuff to help you guys stand out on the net and in your local markets.

 The thing is that a sale begins with a relationship, making people aware you exist and connecting with them in as many ways as possible whether they're in the market for a home or not. You never know where your next buyer/seller will come from (neither do I) so the more ways we have of interacting with people in their day to day lives, the better chance we have of being connected to them if and when they're ready to buy/sell.

 One of my favorite ways to make connections are give aways in places that are hot trends. That could be anything from social networks like Facebook, Twitter and ActiveRain to gizmos like the BlackBerry and iPhone

 In case you don't now, people into things like BlackBerrys, iPhones, etc... are fanatical about them. Take a look at to see what I'm talking about.



garaughty, iphone wallpaper, blackberry wallpaper

 A common "problem" I see from many of the comments & emails I receive is that a lot of people would love to do/share this kind of stuff with their clients but don't have the time or patience to do it so...

 I'm heading in new directions. Beginning in March I'll be spending more of my time developing everything from...

- "trend based" graphics like cellphone wallpapers

- online games

- online & offline contests

- and a whole lot of other stuff that you can use to attract, connect with and keep visitors coming back


 This new stuff will be designed in such a way that as many people as possible can use it. And yes, there will be a lot of freebies for those of your who don't have much of a budget to work with in this tough economy.

 By heading in this direction I'll be able to get more people involved with the things I'm doing online and all the new stuff I have in the works. Here's a quick preview of a few new goodies I've started working on...


Available now for iPhone (320 X 480) and BlackBerry Storm (360 X 480)

garaughty, iphone wallpaper, blackberry wallpaper             garaughty, iphone wallpaper, blackberry wallpaper


 The images above are just previews. If you'd like to check them out, the full size iPhone & Blackberry Rain wallpapers are available now and can be downloaded here


Coming soon (preview images)...

garaughty, iphone wallpaper, blackberry wallpaper             garaughty, iphone wallpaper, blackberry wallpaper

  In the coming weeks I'll be introducing new goodies that you can share with your own blog & website visitors so you won't have to worry about the tech or creative details if that "ain't your thing"!

 The bottom line is that for those of you who want to do this kind of stuff but are having trouble putting it all together, I'll try and solve some the creative headaches you've been having! Updates, news and many more samples are on the way, enjoy!

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garaughty, graphics, blog designer, wordpress theme



garaughty, blog design, graphics, marketing, wordpress

 One of the reasons I'm finally switching from Windows to a Mac is because I'm soooooooooo tired of dealing with Microsoft's notoriously buggy, unreliable operating systems. But since the majority of the world is still using Windows and probably will be for some time...

 Here is a link to the newest (2nd) release of TechNibble's uber popular Computer Repair Utility Kit, a collection of 57 hand picked tools to help you diagnose and fix up your Windows PC. Yes, it's a freebie!



garaughty, blog design, graphics, marketing, wordpress



garaughty, graphics, blog designer, wordpress theme



garaughty, blog graphics, wordpress themes

 If you're time challenged like me and there aren't enough hours in a day to sort through the mountains of info being posted on the web, here are some of my favorite reads from the past few days...

- How to be a LinkedIn superstar  by Larry Weintraub

- Blog SEO Tips: Top SEO Mistakes to Avoid  by Alex Cristache

- Google's First Real Threat? Twitter  by Lew Moorman

- Twitter explodes into marketing, conferences and everything else  by Brad Berens



garaughty, blog graphics, wordpress consultant

- Google Local - Register Your Business and Blog  Brad Andersohn

- Understanding The Featured Post...ROAR!  "The Lovely Wife"

- An Open Letter To Those Who Post on Localism  Team DiMuria

- Tips from Our Mexican Taxicab Drivers to Develop a Referral Only Business  Ryan Shaughnessy

- How to be an authority in your Niche marketing  William Johnson

- Get Inside the Mind of the Consumer: Websites Every Realtor Needs to Know  Shameca Tankerson

- Did You Know 3.0 --- DROP EVERYTHING AND WATCH THIS VIDEO!  Morgan Evans

- Better Utilize your #1 selling tool and brand yourself  jeff lincoln

- Google Search Wiki...The Change Is Coming  Lisa Udy

- Are you using Face Book Correctly?  Eileen Hsu

- How to Gain Buyers as Clients with Your Open House Book  Connie Goodrich

- Preparing and Presenting a New Listing! Get Ready for Success!  Margaret Oscilia

- Touch, Touch, Touch, Touch, Touch, Touch, FEEL......GOOD  Deb Brooks

- Expectations of Service  Herb Hamilton

- Twitter Users! We Are Being Heard! ANOTHER COOL TWITTER TOOL  Teri Ellis

- How to Pick the Perfect Tags and Photos for your Blog Posts - for Free!  Liz Moras

- How to get your Sellers "SOLD" on marketing their home!  Jason Neumann

- Keyword Spying...Budgeting to Target the Bullseye!  Lola Audu

- Home Stagers are you a Simon, Paula or Randy when it comes to your clients?  Karen Otto

- The First 24 Hours- Crucial Internet Strategy for Listings  Sally Cheeseman

- Zapped by Zillow  Claude Cross

garaughty, blog graphics, sharp cookies

 The posts listed above are just a small sample of the news,  ideas and resources from the past few days by some of the sharp cookies that hang out in  The Art Of Marketing You group



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garaughty, blog design, graphics, marketing, wordpress

 If you're wondering how to customize your blog, take a look at our group's guidelines page for tutorials and graphics that you can download and use on your Active Rain blog.

 If you have questions about technology, blog design or building web presence, let me know and I'll try to answer them in a future post!


garaughty, graphics, blog designer, wordpress theme


 If you'd like to participate in any of our upcoming marketing partnerships or to stay on top of all the new graphic goodies we'll be giving away, please subscribe to our blog using the button below...

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