Why Do I Need a Real Estate Agent?

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Richard Bleuze

Why Do I Need a Real Estate Agent?

You might be under the assumption that there is no need to hire a real estate agent to sell your home.  Many homeowners have successfully sold their homes without a real estate agent.  There are also many homeowners who have not been so successful.  However, there are several valid reasons for hiring a real estate agent.  Especially, in this economic downturn.

A real estate agent knows the real estate market well.  At least, the good real estate agent does!  A good real estate agent can assist you with the selling as well as buying process.  An experienced and good real estate agent can help you to locate a home that meets your specifications and budget.  A good real estate agent can also use their knowledge of current real estate trends to find potential buyers for your home.  At least in this market!

Real estate agents study the real estate market and the trends for your community.  Most good real estate agents are able to help you get the right price from your home.  Their goal is to help you set a price that will make your house sellable without taking away from your potential profits.  A good real estate agent will not advise you to ask too much or too little for your property.

Sometimes the smallest changes can make the largest differences to the value and appearance of a home.  After working with clients for years, most real estate agents have vast knowledge as to what buyers are seeking.  Most real estate agents know what little things turn off a potential buyer when viewing a home.  A real estate agent will provide you tips for cleaning and organizing your home for sale.  If there are minor repairs or cosmetics that will add to the value of your home, your real estate agent will also assist you so that you can improve the likelihood of a sale.

You also might need a real estate agent in order to get the word out about your house for sale.  Most real estate agents have a variety of advertising and marketing avenues that might be too expensive for you.  Most real estate companies will often advertise your house in local newspapers (although, I find that ads in the paper usually do not work for the homes that I'm trying to sell).  They will also include houses for sale in the local real estate books as well as multiple listings.  Many real estate agents are now advertising houses online as well (I am finding this to be the best form of advertising since many potential buyers are now internet savory).  Real estate agents can provide your house with the exposure you need to land a sale.

Having a real estate agent will also be helpful when the time comes to make an offer on a home or to consider an offer for your house that is for sale.  Real estate agents can help you decide if the offer is right for you.  In most cases, good real estate agents are also experienced in helping you to negotiate with the other party.  The good real estate agent can help you to turn a no into a sale.  At least they should be able to do that!

Your real estate agent can also help you with closing on your house.  A good real estate agent should be able to guide you through the process of buying or selling a house from start to finish.  Their knowledge of the legalities of the process will make the steps a little easier for you.

A real estate agent can be beneficial to anyone selling a house.  They can help you to market your home and gain enough exposure to make a rapid sale. Real estate agents will interact between you and potential buyers.  They are working for your best interests.

Hopefully, this brief article will have provided you with tips in what to look for when picking a good real estate agent to work for you!


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