Can Color Cost You a Sale?

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My Dining Room's Red, My Kitchen is Blue

Evr'y Buyer Coming Through, Just Exclaims "eww"!

Is that your story?  With so many homes on the market in the Nashville area and even more specifically, in your own neighborhood in Williamson, Davidson, Wilson, or Rutherford county, it is vitally important  when the time comes to sell, that your home is "parade ready"!  Just as there's a grandstand on a parade route where floats, bands, and other participants have one shot at being judged as best float, best marching band, etc, your home also lies on a parade route of buyers ready to judge your home to see if they think it's a winner and worthy of making it their own.  Therefore, it is vitally important that it stands out for all the right reasons and not for the wrong ones. 

Color is one of those ingredients that needs to welcome the buyer into your home and not turn them around at the front door to head back to their car.  As tempting as it may be to say "it's just paint" and assume that the buyer will have the same attitude, "it's just paint" often translates in the buyer's mind as "it's several weekends, spent on a ladder, the house in disarray while furniture is pulled out of rooms or away from the walls, and to have it done would cost an arm and a leg. Let's find a house we can just move into and not have to think about painting it right away, after all there's plenty on the market!"

So, before you say those dreaded three words, "it's just paint", take a look here to find out more about how to make colors work for you, rather than hinder you in getting your house sold!

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