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This week has really been a roller coaster ride here on Active Rain with the implementation of its New Membership Plan, as it was revealed by Brad Andersohn in his post, Active Rain's New Membership Plan. There are lots of opinions about the cost, $29/month for new members. Some were turned off, some were in the "wait-and-see" mode while those who have been building the Active Rain platform has no doubt in our  minds that it works! Find out how Active Rain had me at "Hello".

There is no magic pill in this Blogging Business. First of all, the new members may not understand the Power of Active Rain. Comments such as, "I can get a FREE Wordpres blog, blogspot, or even a, Trulia blog". Sure you can. By all means, go do it. But those who say that they can get it anywhere else do not understand Site Authority, do not understand the power of linking and may know just a dab of SEO to be dangerous.

Say, you are upset with the minuscule charge of $29/month. You go off to do your own thing on wordpress. But do you understand that you are just one tiny drop in the sea of real estate information? Do you know that without the right objectives, you can go on writing posts after posts only to tire yourself with no extra phone rings? Then, off you put blogging aside only to say It doesn't work?

I had explained in my post, the Unveiling Love Affair between Active Rain and Google. Active Rain has been around for a while. Google likes fresh and unique content. Active Rain members write 12,000 posts per week to keep Google coming back for more "juices" when someone ask for real estate information. It is as if Google have a special door here. No other blog sites have this ability on its own. Can you be powerful enough on your own by thinking you can do think in a few short months? Collectively, we - the "Founding Members" have build this site to where it is today. Hence, we - the "Founding Members" are grandfathered in. Some members are excited while some are not.

For those of you who decided to sign up for the $29/month plan. Please do not think that miracles will begin to happen once your wallet is shown. You will still require to invest time and energy to build your own presence. Active Rain will just help you get there faster. Yes, you can have a stand-alone blog site somewhere and still does the same thing. But isn't $29/month something small to pay? Dont you have other costs you think you could drop if $360 per year is something you cannot invest in your business? I challenge you to lay out all your business expenses per month on paper. What effectiveness does it have?

If you are new to blogging, along with your $29/month, you need to read and understand:

Spend time to read blogs that others have written to help you. The links I pointed are just a small tip of the iceberg. While you are doing this and more, just remember that Rome wasn't built in a day. Katerina Gasset is a powerful blogger here on Active Rain. You want to follow her SEO posts. Read also, David Serle's 10th closing and counting because of blogging on Active Rain.

Have you ever believe (without a doubt) the things someone you really trust say to you? Then, this "friend" of yours really "trust" another person so you place a new "faith" in this new friend? Perhaps, collectively, this is what the Founding Members are trying to share with you.

Please forgive me as I know this post has already been very long, packed with additional readings but if you read nothing at all, please read this ONE post - Prepare For Rain. You know how Robert Kiyosaki helped many to "get out of the rat race"? Well, this is my version. Do what you want. It's really up to you. But I do feel that how you treat Blogging as a viable source of business is really up to you. Take your time and effort to prepare for the rain you are about to receive - coincidentally is also the title of the post.

Also be prepared to write at least 3-5 local content posts per week to slowly build your presence. Expect a 6 month success at the soonest if not more. Again, it depends on your commitment level. Did I say Rome wasn't built in a day?

Read also, Tell It Where To Go Bubba! You Can Direct Your Posts Now if you want to understand the power of an Outside Blog aka Active Blog.

My Blogging Active Rain series can help you get started and read also, my Active Rain Success Story.





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