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Shingles Properly sealing during Winter Time in Columbus, OH! How ?

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Video Footage of the 02/12/2009 Columbus, OH Storm! Loose Shingles? Most Definitely So! Judge for yourself, then decide!

Hello Columbus,

Winter keeps rearing it's ugly head to and fro.

I thought that I would take some time to explain an issue that a lot of people don't quite fully understand about the roofing shingles and generally the roofing industry as a whole.

Roofing shingles have seals and when there is a heavy wind storm those seals are ripped and basically broken thus leaving the actual shingle itself useless and flapping in the wind so to speak. That is why when you have a roof installed you see all of these little plastic pieces flying around periodically. That is due to the shingle not sealing "yet, but it will when warm enough" that is.

I hear a lot of homeowners state "it is just too cold to put on a roof during the winter", yes and no.

Yes, it is cold but unless there is ice and snow on a roof, the shingles will sit and they will seal on one warm day with weather warmer than lets say 50 plus degrees (with high humidity that is). You have the added burden of waiting for spring but on a good rain, the water seeps though the shingle to your decking causing possible interior damage due to waiting til spring. Leaving your roof at the mercy of the natural elements. Think about it.

Shingles normally seal permanently in or around August of each year (my opinion is the hottest month of the year right before fall starts to settle in). Also, please realize that Ohio is surrounded by tree's and some mountains from West Virginia.

Meaning that Ohio is one big valley that the city of Grove City, OH gets destroyed every year.

Basically, Ohio gets on average 3-4 Storms annually, so homeowner's are typically active year round with their policies.

One thing you might want to consider is this. If you have minimal damage to your roof, it would be better to pay for a repair job then lets say filing a claim and then next week we lets say have a hail storm and your roof is completely destroyed but you are afraid to file a claim because you are fearful of being dropped due to excessive claims and the insurance company categorizes you as a liability.

As a sidebar Columbus, OH homeowners. I just wanted to take some time and make you really, really think about what happened in Columbus, OH on 02-12-2009. If you think about it, it was scary!

Columbus, OH Storm 02-20-2009 Video

Think about it.

Until Next time!

Fred Baisden
Insurance Restoration Specialist
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