Impala update

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Here is a update on the metal work on the Impala.

The trunk floor pieces (8) were in and out around 10 times but now they are in for good. I am a little fussy when it comes to alignment of the trunk, bumper and especially the overall look when the car is back on the ground. Don't want it to sit crooked.

After we were happy with the fit of all the panels the welding could begin. Starting with the trunk floor, side braces, tail panel brace and the gas tank mouting braces which attach under the floor.

Only a couple hundred of spot welds to go.

The inside of the trunk was sanded, cleaned and primer coated.

The existing metal was flanged to allow the new metal to sit on and but up against for a good welding surface. Here the quarters are screwed on untill all welding on the trunk is complete. Once we are sure nothing has moved, everything fits as far as bumpers, taillights, etc, the quarters can be welded on.

After only 6 weeks on this project I now understand how much time and money restoration shops charge for this level of restoration. The hours just keep adding up. And this is just on the metal work.

The next update should be when the body comes off the frame.










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Steve Zarry
House Buying Now - Austin, TX
Austin Central Texas, Real Estate

Great photos! I can't wait to see more. Do you have a set budget for this restoration? Or will you add up all the parts and labor costs when you're done?

Feb 21, 2009 04:05 AM
Don McNeill
Vybe Realty - Abbotsford, BC

Steve, Budget? What's that? Actually before I began I knew the value of the car in restored condition, and researching the cost of all parts required, and doing all the work myself I estimate after all is said and done if I wanted to sell the car at a fair price, I would still make money. Not including my time though. And Hey with the stock market the way it is, I consider them an investment as well.


Feb 21, 2009 05:03 AM
Lane Bailey
Century 21 Results Realty - Suwanee, GA
Realtor & Car Guy

A friend of mine is opening a restoration shop here in the Atlanta area.  I used to be at a resto shop in MN.  There is a lot of time, skill, effort and artistry that goes into a restoration... 

Feb 24, 2009 02:27 PM
Zane Coffin
Century-21 Homestar - Geneva, OH
(Geneva Ohio Real Estate Agent)

Don it looks like it is coming along great....can't wait to see it in paint.....peace zane

Feb 24, 2009 10:46 PM
Terry Chenier
Homelife Glenayre Realty - Mission, BC

Steve asked about budget. Budget? I've restored a couple of cars and it's a bottomless pit for money. Budget, hah!

Mar 15, 2009 04:28 AM
Liz Moras Migic
Chilliwack, BC
Chilliwack, British Columbia - Realtor

Looking forward to the next installment! :-)

Mar 21, 2009 07:02 PM