The NAR President is Starry-Eyed

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It's astounding..the president of the National Association of Realtors, Charles McMillan, apparently never attended a Basic economics class. McMillan's assertion that the riidculously wasteful and Pork-focused American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will have ANY meaningful effect on jobs creation is not only laughable, it actually borders on idiocy. Has Mr McMillan even READ the bill? If he had...he'd see that the bulk of the money (OUR money) is aimed at Democrat (as well as Republican) pet projects and political paybacks to Obama's voter base. The "tax cuts' in the bill are mostly tax credits to people who don't even pay taxes. will YOU spend your extra $8.00 per week? Hey Chuck..are you concerned that the Demipublicanss have NOT ruled out permitting banks to act as real estate agents?..which means that the Federal Govt would eventually control a portion of the real estate market when they (maybe, maybe not) nationalize major banks. And..the Home Buyer Credit would be beneficial..if prospective home buyers regain the confidence to actually BUY a home. With so many jobs being lost, and the White House and Congress doing nothing but slapping each other on the back and congratulating themselves, the last thing we need is another starry-eyed bureaucrat like McMillan gazing lovingly at Obama and making statements like " We are pleased that Congress and the administration have taken prompt action to address the current economic crisis." Feel free to vomit, fellow Realtors. WE?..don't count ME in, Mr McMillan, I don't share your blind devotion to a new social order which will negatively impact our clients and our business for years to come. The only way this economy will repair itself is if the Government enacts some meaningful corporate tax cuts, a reduction in the capital gains rate and individual tax every income level.but particularly at the HIGHER income levels. I'll say it again: tax cuts FOR the poor, middle class and "the rich". And by removing itself from making the bone-headed laws and regulations which caused the mortgage meltdown..namely the Community Reinvestment Act and it's bolstering in 1997. Business people like McMillan, who advocate larger government spending, and deficits, and an ever-increasing intrusion into our lives and businesses are no friend to the hard working, self motivating independent business people they're supposed to us Realtors. read Charles McMillan's comments here...

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