Outside my window

Real Estate Agent with PREA Signature Realty

As I look out my window in the Georgian Condos, on Saturday afternoon,  Feb 20 and watch all the celebrants moving up and down Lafayette Ave it occcured to me that there are so many people here today that quite possibly have never been east of Euclid.  The surrounding area has so much to offer, it is my hope that today's visitors will return another day to enhance their appreciation of the many amenities that we locals enjoy.  Whether it be the restuarants where I have dined and can recommned such as Franco's, Nortons, Arcelias, Soulard Cafe to name but a few. Park Avenue Coffee in my mind is the tops for caffiene and Gooey Butter Cake. Lafayette Park and the grand old houses that border it are in and of themselves worth a trip. I liked what is happening in the neighborhood so much that when Michelle Sillies & Ryan Shaughnessy offered me the opportunity to represent Preassignature Realty,  I jumped at the chance.  So far so good. Y'all come back now, hear

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