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Water Damage! Judge for yourself, then decide! Part II

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Hello Columbus, OH!

Just a follow up regarding to the water that mother nature poured upon us this fine Saturday, February 21st, 2009.

Right now a lot of you homeowners are looking at your ceilings.

Looking at the water going, trickle,trickle, trickle and you are wondering if you have water leaking from your roof and I can honestly say,


Probable so. You and you alone know the age and shingle type of your roof shingle and a funny thing that I found out today from a homeowner. They called a very well known competitor (No, I will not say who to embaress them, they have hard enough time selling as is) and the person on the other end off the phone stated that there would be a $127.00 Property Inspection Consultation "fee" ???

Seems to me if you got nothing to hide, your a reputable contractor and you do the right thing to people (ethical, fair price, etc...) you really shouldn't have to charge for some "fee". We don't. Never have and never would for that matter. The way the economy is and the constant Ohio weather always changing as you well know.

If a contractor has to charge you to come out to do his own "job" but charge you, the homeowner in order to do it, what will happen if and when your claim is approved and financially speaking, will it be fair?

Think about it.

Keep in mind that whenever it is warm and then turns cold and turns to snow that causes freezing to occur and then when it turns warm, you guessed it water, alot of water comes down your roof and sometimes through your roof itself. You know what that means, more unexpected and unwanted financial burdens!

You might wanna get it checked out. Who ya gonna call? Not GhostBusters, your gonna call,

Burgess&Vest Roofing and Home Restoration.

Professionals in the Columbus, OH and surrounding areas servicing your needs for over six years in the running.

Here today!
Here tomorrow!

Keeping America Beautiful! One Roof at a Time!

Until the next time!


Fred Baisden
Insurance Restoration Specialist
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