Sadly Left At The Starting Gate

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This blog is not going to be informative in the way of statistics or up to the moment news on the Real Estate market.  It is however a piece of me that has been in the shadows since I first joind this illustrious community.  I have  been in the business for five years and hold two licences one in New Hampshire, the other in Massachusetts.  From the start things did not go well.  I joined a brokerage that was already a closed circle and the indifference was suffocating.  After nine months and no sales I was let go.  I nearly went broke and because I support myself I had to return to work.  The office position was terribly demanding and after forty hours of working, I had a home to care for and other responsibilities.  After not receiving the money I was promised during my interview, I left.  I called another agency and they were willing to accept me even though I had no sales on my belt.  I'm still with the agency and even worked as administrative assistant for four months until they could find someone.  Because the agency was small, I was not able to get the experience that should have been part of my training.  However, once again I had to return to a full time position to make ends meet.  I am still climbing a hill, but I do love being a Realtor and I am constantly reviewing materials that keep me up do date.  I am now inolved in a course that teaches how to be recognized on the internet and other useful sources of information.  I just wanted to give a leg up to anyone who is having difficulty along these lines and to let consumers out there know that not all of us are in the profession to get rich.  Love to all.

Ann Gravel, Pat Bennett Realty, Plaistow, NH

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