The Columbo of Wells, Maine Real Estate!

Real Estate Agent with EXIT Oceanside Realty

I had a transaction today representing the buyers from out of state. After 3 plus years of looking and working with me for the past year they finally found the vacation home they were looking for. A home that was completely rehabbed (no work needed- which is what they were looking for), not much land to take care of and near the beach- in their price range. To top it off they did a drive by of this home and didn't really want to see it but once they went inside they fell in love with it and the rest as they say is history.

The closing was at 8:30 and all went well as planned. An issue came up that was resolved around 5:OOPM. The buyers asked me to celebrate with them with a class of champagne. How can you refuse although I don't like champagne. Anyway as we were talking the husband asks "Do you want to know what our thoughts are of you as a real estate agent?" I said "sure."  He says: "Your the Columbo of Real Estate. You just keep going until you get the job done." You see- they appreciated that I promptly returned all calls and emails- answered their questions.

As a realtor, we are in the service business- building relationships for life. As I'm getting ready to leave the wife says: "Bring your wife over this summer for some hamburgers and hot dogs." Do you think that I will get a good testimonial from these buyers when they return from Florida?

   I don't dress like Columbo!!!!!!!