Confessions from a Tech Guy Waiting for a New Toy PART 1

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I can't wait.  I haven't been this excited about getting a package from FedEx since I was probably a little boy waiting for some make-your-own-radio-station kit that didn't even work because I can't solder to save my life (and I have a ham radio license, go figure!).

I ordered a brand new Blackberry 8703e.  I am dumping my Treo 700w and joining the rest of the business world with a Blackberry.

Now you have to understand something about me first.  Ever since getting my first cell phone when I was 16, I've had a new cell phone every YEAR.  I go through them like water.  And normally it's a new type of phone every year, not just the same.  There is one exception: a 3 year period where I had nothing but Motorola Startacs (but those were amazing phones!).  I love new phones.  I get bored with them quickly because I grew up in the new computer age.  But I haven't been this excited about a phone since who knows when.

But I'm excited about having a device that will finally help me organize my business... and my life!

As an avid user of Top Producer 7i, I'm excited about being able to eliminate carrying around files with me and keeping all the info I need in TP7i and having access to it when I need it in my phone!  I'm excited about being able to keep a log of information with each client electronically.  I'm excited about being able to keep things in one place and to be able to organize my business tasks and events with other staff members.

I'm already in love with having high speed internet access anywhere with my current phone... and I get to continue that service with the Blackberry.

I have to wait until Friday between 8am and 7pm.  I'm working from home on Friday to wait to hear the doorbell ring, my 2 dogs to bark at the FedEx person, and for me to get a new toy.

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