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The Three Brothers - fairy tales for realtors and their clients

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Today's story is titled, "The Three Brothers."

Three young brothers are sent out into the world by their mother, to "seek their fortune".  Each decides that he should buy a home in order to increase his net worth and have a roof over his head.  Each hires a different Realtor to help them buy their home.

The first young man finds his Realtor on the Internet.  She is newly licensed and inexperienced.  The man and his Realtor set out and look at many different houses, until the man finds one that he insists he must buy.  The Realtor, not able to see that the construction of the home is quite shoddy, helps him buy the home, without even suggesting that a home inspection be done.

Well, shortly after the first young man moves in to his new home, a terrific windstorm blows through town and his home collapses around him!  So, he goes in search of his brothers, to seek shelter and to find out how they were faring.

Meanwhile, the second young man sees an ad in the newspaper for a Realtor proclaiming "We sell more homes in your town than ANYONE!"  He hires the Realtor and tells him of his modest needs for his new home.  Days go by and the Realtor does not call, does not write - the second young man is anxious to get started with his home search, but the Realtor he hired is not returning his calls. 

After some time goes by, the Realtor contacts the young man and shows him several homes (all his own listings) which are all above the young man's price range. The Realtor pushes the young man into making a decision to spend more money than he can afford for his new home.  It isn't long before the young man, unable to keep up with the mortgage payments, finds himself once again homeless.  He too goes in search of his brothers, to seek shelter and to find out how they were faring.

The third young man, the most intelligent of the three, asks a friend who just bought a home for a referral to his Realtor.  His friend had a terrific experience with his Realtor and puts them in touch.  The Realtor promptly meets with the young man, discusses his needs and shows him a number of properties that meet all his criteria - price, location and size.  Together, they identify the perfect home for the young man and have it inspected to insure that it is a good investment as well.  The third young man's two brothers find him living happily, warm and cozy in his new home.  Of course, they both ask to meet their brother's Realtor so that they can all live happily ever after.

The moral of this story is:  Not all Realtors are the same. Experience matters and so does Excellent Customer Service and Honesty. The best way to find a Realtor who will care for you properly is to ask someone who has already worked with one - get a referral!

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Hi Lisa, how are you? How are things going?

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Lisa Maxwell


I'm doing well, thanks for asking.  How is business for you?


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