Special offer

February 2009

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Heartland Real Estate Corp

Todays real estate economy is thriving with the bustle of many buyers, I am noticing new first time buyers taking advantage of todays affordable market! This is great news! I am also hearing about all of these "great deals" that can be had out there. The foreclosures and bank owned property. The only thing is, these properties have their issues too!!! Price is not the problem, it is the condition of the property that needs to be addressed. Many of these properties were homes to families that were told they can no longer live there. Thus creating anger, due to a slew of reasons steming all the way from predator lending to people just losing their jobs and no longer having the means to continue to pay for this property, either way, homes are being stripped, literally to the walls. I have seen some of these homes with out the guts of the air conditioner in place, without kitchen cabinets or a pump for water (well water, when that is all that is available for water) to home. But the perception of many buyers is that they are getting this great deal because of price. Whatever happened to location and condition? There are many, and I mean MANY, homes out there that are price right and they do not have these issues or concerns. Keep in mind when buying in Florida, if the home has not had air condition running there could be mold present. So with all of that in mind,  what it would cost to bring these so called bargins up to living conditions before proceeding and maybe take a look at the right priced home in a great neighborhood that will give you a larger return on your value! You will be thankful in the long run and will see that return in the near future. In my market there are over 1700+ single family homes available, I am sure with the abundance of inventory you can find something that will fit your needs.

If looking in Highlands county, central state of Florida, look me up, Dawn Dell, Dell Realty, 863-381-0400, and remember to Buy or Sell, Call Dawn Dell.