Establishing and maintaining ethical standards in challenging times.

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     Seeing our world through the prism of a downward spiraling economy, and with major businesses poised to fail or be reorganized and/or downsized, the challenge to maintain standards and to practice ethical behavior is compounded.  While our leaders debate the pros and cons of plans to rebuild and fortify our economy, average Americans react to job losses, higher tax burdens and they begin to hunker down to ride out the storm.

     During times of challenge, it seems that others more desperate than ourselves are well poised to prey upon us and pull us toward bending both our own standards and in some cases the law.  Certainly, the allure of easy money, the lack of oversight and the temptation of weak human beings facing difficult choices contribute to unethical behavior and standards.  It is therefore important to remind yourself each day that such standards must be upheld, adhered to and modeled for others-as well as enforced upon those who might deviate.

     When our parents impressed upon us to do right, they never couched their admonitions with phrases like "when it suits you" or "unless you can cheat a little".  They believed in things like honor, personal responsibility and boys NEVER under any circumstances hitting girls (but I digress).  They believed in such things because they had fought hard to create them in what they deeply believed was the greatest country on the face of the planet earth. 

     In my daily life as a Notary Signing Agent, I have seen how reminding yourself to do right and then going out and doing it has made all the difference.  First, you inspire the confidence of others who will trust you and your services.  That, leads to loyalty in your customer, then to client satisfaction and in turn, others recommending your products or services.  To me, that sounds like intelligent growth.  Such growth, along with a positive attitude and steady reinforcement will spread like wildfire-I've seen it happen!  

     My wish for you is the fortitude and the confidence to do what is right each time you are presented with a dilemma of conscience.  Although we are faced with significant challenges, doing what is right and good is our best way forward. 

"A Quick Note"

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Chris & Karen Highland
eXp Realty - Frederick, MD
Integrity, Experience, Enthusiasm!

My husband is fond of saying, 'you can only lose your integrity once.'  After that, its lost.

Feb 26, 2009 01:47 AM
Pamela Knight
Urban Knight Enterprises, Inc. - Phoenixville, PA

Thanks, what a warm and touching message. 

Mar 17, 2009 03:33 AM