Multifamily Real Estate is one of the very best places for your money now!

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Leverage your capital - and get it into solid multifamily properties is my theme song this year.  The stock market is ready to take another tank, and financing is available (and rates are good 6.5%) for those with 20-30% down.  Sellers are now realizing that they need to sell to a buyer who can make cash flow on their investment as appreciation can not be anticipated in the near term future.  Sellers must be flexible-- taking exchanges more than ever and offering owner financing or at least some owner financing.

And for those who don't know = if you put it in an IRA you will have to get a non-recourse loan.  This means a higher down and some management fees, but the loan can not be recoursed if you like feeling you have protection.  The cash flow goes into the IRA and and grows tax free if it is a Roth! 

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We have the appropriate professionals on our team to make this work and if you have clients that are looking in Washington, please know that I will help them find a good investment while offering you a quality referral fee.   This is a good state for folks to have a retirement domicile as there is no income tax and if they do have capital gains on any stocks they liquidate they will save Oregon or any other state income taxes.  That's money in their pocket.

Let me know what you have done that is similar or if you can use some help in this arena!

Karen, the Washington RE gal!





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