Loaded Question...How's the Market?

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Whatever happened to small talk being centered on the weather?  It seems like a new sheriff's in town on common conversation and it's the housing market.  This isn't anything new at this's been this way for nearly a year now.   Many agents seem to think it's best to give people what they want to hear?  The thing people most want to hear is that it's getting better.  Is it? 

Only time will tell.  It's all about finding a bottom to bounce off of.  Same as the stock market, and nearly every other market at this point.  At the beginning of 2008, many people thought we had found the bottom...but the rest of the year left them a bit surprised to find otherwise.  The end of 2008 left it hard to judge, with wintertime and the holidays generally being the slowest part of the year regardless of economy.  The spring market is just about here with much anticipation.

Optimism tells us that we've had enough and that things will get better.  Some local market statistics have suggested improvement...but it will likely be slow and steady.  Things almost always take longer to fix than they did to break. 

There are some things for home buyers to figure out in this new market.  What does it take to borrow money?  What are the details of the new tax credit for first-time buyers?  When will prices hit the bottom where the best deals will be had?  As these questions find answers, and nerves settle...the market will certainly recover.  The truth is, regardless of conditions, people still need to move.  Babies are born, layoffs happen, relationships end and promotions lead to relocations.  A soft housing market doesn't influence those things. 

Rather than making excuses and blaming the market, now is the time for Realtors to look ahead and work diligently with every ounce of expertise and integrity they have.  People need guidance in these times...whether it's buying and selling a home or just needing advice on how to handle their investment in real estate.  It's our job to be the expert and bring clarity to the market.  Help people understand the things they can and can't control. 

I intend to do exactly that.  People don't want a flowery perspective of the market that is bloated and unrealistic.  They want the truth from a professional that they can trust.  I hope that this market, if nothing else, will produce a new generation of Realtors with that kind of attitude.

Travis Evans

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Travis, helping people make wise choices in real estate is the most rewarding part of our job.

May 23, 2009 09:37 AM