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       Years ago,  a home buyer would need to meet with four to five different people to acquire financing,  home warranty, insurance,  title and other available services.  Modern real estate offices have moved towards a "one stop shop" as todays clents don't have the time to shop around for the many services needed to sell or purchase a home.  Unfortunatley,  I am not sure that in-house providers always give the best ragtes or the best service.    

So,  as a new agent,  find out what services the office your are interviewing with,  has available.  And,  if not in-house,  have they prepared a list of  pre-screened and preferred vendors for you to use.  As a new agent,  you don't know the best lenders,  title people, inspectors,  etc,  and your clients will know that.   This can be one of the ways you overcome the objection that you are a new agent.  But,  understand that in-house lenders, etc is not always a good thing.  Too often,  they are being charged a large desk fee from the broker,  which they must pass along to your customers.  So,  keep them honest by shopping them and letting them know that you are willing to use them but you expect their best rates. 


I think a "Trust but verify" approach to in-house vendors is always the best.


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