Seapointe Village resort rentals BY OWNER in Wildwood are filling up fast now - 2009 season (NOT associated with any realtor)

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Things were a bit slow for my rental in Seapointe Village this year. But things are starting to pick up. I own a condo in Seapointe Village and I rent it through my website: There are other home owners who are listed as well. Many use to list on other sites, but have found my site does better. Reserve your Seapointe Village resort rental unit by ownerr and save. Calls are coming in now so rent before you get shut out. Last year was one of the best rentals seasons with many folks renting in April, May, June, September and October along with of course the summer rental season. I am starting to see the same thing happen again this year even in this bad economy. Folks still love to take their vacations. They don't want to give them up especially if you have kids (you can't stop them from growing up and family time is important!) So reserve your unit now. There are many realtors on the island that rent Seapointe Village condos and townhomes. There is no one exclusive realtor. BUT you may find you will get a discount if you rent a unit directly though the owners. Here is a site that is a "rent by owner" for Seapoint Village.

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