Are Sales Meetings Dead?

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It seems like the more people I talk to, the more I hear about the lack of weekly sales meetings.  I guess the economy can even begin to take its toll on our coming together on a regular basis to share ideas and information.  My belief is that sales meetings are beginning to diminish because of three things:

•1.       Brokers and managers are having difficulty staying motivated through these challenging times.  Let's face it, when you're the one who has to try and get everyone else motivated, and you yourself are struggling to keep your head above water, it's a tough job to do.

•2.       Positive becomes negative.  Many brokers and managers are avoiding sales meetings because what is supposed to be a motivational and uplifting experience is now becoming a knit picking negative gripe session.

•3.       The Same Ole' Thing Syndrome.  Most companies have forsaken sales meetings because they feel like it's just the same ole' items rehashed week after week.

If you're struggling with any of those three issues, yes, you're probably better off to not hold a sales meeting, however, you are running the risk of a disconnect with your team.  The fact of the matter is, your agents and staff need to hear from you regularly!  As tough as times may be, hearing from the leader that the company will get through this market, providing new ideas and concepts and offering a different twist or take on a concept can be a rewarding and refreshing experience.  Yes times are tough, your team can get behind by a few points, but your weekly sales meeting is your time to stand in front of your group in the locker room at half-time and encourage them to go back out in the game and retake the lead.  It's not a gripe session or a blame game, but a chance to compliment, reward and offer new ideas and concepts.  Your sales meetings should provide positive communication and value from you the manager/broker/leader.

Here are a few ideas to try at your next sales meeting to change the way you meet:

•·         Do something you've never done.  Be different!

•·         Strive for creativity

•·         Let your agents solve problems.  Use groups and dyads for exercises

•·         Don't be afraid to ask questions

•·         Use a flip chart to record answers

•·         Follow-up on key ideas and suggestions

•·         Have fun

Are sales meetings dead?  They shouldn't be.  Sales meetings should be a time of enjoyment and excitement by you and your team members.  If you're having difficulty finding that niche, check us out at

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