Listing agents who cannot properly sell a home

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As a relatively new licensed agent I have come across agents who have been licensed many years longer then I who think they are more experienced then myself just because they have been licensed longer. I understand how people perceive "Oh! you have been a real estate agent for ten plus years, you must be a great agent." This is farther from the truth in my book, because many buyers and sellers never ask the right questions, about the agents qualifications, skills, degrees, other business skills that help that person sell that property.

I work strictly as a buyer's agent through out California and I have clients I work with in many states. I have one constant problem with agents who list properties who do not have the skill to sell me a radio at radio shack much less a home. Think of it how many of you get a listing put the sign in the front yard and the MLS and then wait for it to sell? I would say over 50% would do this, I am not counting agents who are new and inexperienced,I am talking of experienced agents. This is a pattern of agents who are clues-less in selling , they think signs sell-they do not sell they market- you sell the home.

I have personally interviewed sales agents about the home they have listed; they have no idea why the home is for sale, just that the owner wants too sell the home, they do not ask the questions to get the best price. True, there are many people that just want to sell just to move into another area, you know just want a change.This is fine but many are underwater and are close to foreclosure. I have worked with an agent that actually had a listing and did not have not cue that is is an NOD, can you believe that! I told this person they were an idiot! 

Selling is skill that must be learned and developed over time, when I meet with a listing agent a I give that person my resume which shows my college degrees " one in real estate and one business management with an emphasis on marketing along with many certificates and sales awards I have received. I look at every listing agent interview as a job interview, because your clients should work with people who can actually sell! 

Thank you, Joe

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