Roof Speed! Curious what that means? Read More! February 2009 Blog!

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Roof Speed! Curious what that means? Read More! February 2009 Blog!

Hello Columbus, OH Homeowners!

Fred Baisden Here with Burgess&Vest; Roofing and Home Restoration Company!

I want to touch on a subject that A LOT of homeowners are nervous about, roof installation pace.

I have heard from homeowners that they have hired a contractor and they came out and;
took they're time removing/tearing off shingles, took they're time applying felt paper, took they're time etc....

You got the point! The dangers of doing "slow work" is the fact that If you pay your crews what they deserve then they are happy to WORK HARD for you! It is also less dangerous for the homeowner.

Please allow me to explain. You contract with a company. The Contractor company comes out to do the install.  (That is if they aren't already BOOKED SOLID FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH that is!)

They work slow which means that it takes longer, mind you that things come up out of your/their control, ie: mechanical issues, etc. The crew themselves are just plain "slow". The end result, your roof takes longer and once it becomes dark they must pack up and finish in the following morning leaving your "bare roof exposed" to the WRATH OF MOTHER NATURE!

Not a pretty site Eh?

Not to worry with Burgess&Vest Roofing and Home Restoration Company

We are literally installing two roofs simultaneously TODAY! We are installing in excess of 40 Squares and keep in mind they are full roof installations and the guys will break for a (1) HOUR LUNCH as usual.

This blog is intended to educate you in the entire installation process so that you as the homeowner and possible client can be better informed as to what, when and where to go when you need help, because i can say this without any hesitation, you will need help.

Just be careful as to hiring a competent and reputable contractor.

Until Next Time!
Columbus, OH Homeowners!

Fred Baisden
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Keeping America Beautiful! One Roof at a Time!

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