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Last Child in the Woods--Saving our children from Nature-Deficit Disorder

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The Avon Land Trust, along with the Avon, CT public schools are sponsering a One Town One Book program for this excellent book written by Richard Louv.

The basic premise is that kids these days spend much less time outside than their parents, and especially their grandparents, did. As a result kids today are not that familiar with nature. How much time do your kids spend outside, and if they do, how far can they go from home before you start to worry?

Folks in town have been reading this book over the last month. The first event is Thursday to brainstorm ways to get not only kids, but families, and all residents of town outside more.

As I've been driving around town the last few weeks, I've been noticing how many parks, trails, and other "free" activities there are for folks to do.

I just signed up for a public blog and I'm thinking it might be beneficial to begin to write about some of these activities.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. As I said I am a newbie at all of this.


Paul Begemann
Attorney Paul H. Begemann - Hamden, CT

I agree t hat too many people, old and young alike, do not get outside enough.  It is a habit like any other, and the younger started the more it sticks with us.  I remember many a hike on SLeeping Giant here in Hamden where I am when I was a kid, and I have tried to do it with my kids too, although not as much as I would like.  I would suggest that you write about specific places you like to go or psecific things you like about those places as a way to blog about them

Mar 01, 2009 03:03 PM
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