The Five Things We Should Be Teaching Our Children:

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This is a wonderful list of subjects to promote to our children.

It is originally written by Mirela Monte, and I can agree with her entire post.

Original content by Mirela Monte


Most kids garner their education from schools.  The typical curriculum of English, math, history, geography, chemistry, anatomy, etc. is followed, but are our kids ready for the Real World armed with such perfunctory education?


Here are some subjects I thought we could add to the list mentioned:


•1.     Ethics.  Analyze case scenarios and have open discussions about what's ethically right and wrong and why.  How else are they going to know?

•2.     Nutrition and Exercise.  With vending machines dispensing soft drinks now prevalent in schools, we are grooming the next generation of obese Americans.   We need to cultivate proper indoctrination into a healthier way of life for our children.

•3.     Safety.  Without scaring them, we need to ensure they know what to do to stay safe.

•4.     Social Responsibility.  Learning to value life in all its forms and preserving our future by helping each other.  Civilization should be judged by how we take care of our weakest members.  Preserving the Earth (the Green movement) is also part of this indoctrination.

•5.     Money skills.  This is a big issue with me.  Kids need to learn the value of money.  So many of my daughter's friends get so spoiled by their parents, who indulge them with so many material things without asking them for anything in return.  My daughter feels persecuted by me because she has well defined responsibilities and chores in order to garner her weekly allowance.  I have been branded as the "mean mom" because she has to work for her money.  I would love to know of a "Financial Education Class for Teenagers" that I can enroll her in.  Any ideas?


What have I missed and can you participate in this discussion please!  Let's share our parental secrets!  This is even more important than Real Estate!


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