Florida is invaded by the lovebugs!

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Lovebugs. To some you might think I’m talking about the VW car with the affectionate name. Or maybe a rock band from over seas. And for the romantic minded people you might have an image of a cute couple holding hands. For any Floridian or person that has visited Florida during the spring months of April/May and August/September “lovebugs” is a word you will learn to despise. These seemingly innocent looking creatures are about the size of a large mosquito. They are black with a bit of orange on their heads. Most of the time they are connected by their tales in the midst propagating their species, hence the name lovebugs. Flights of these lowly creatures only happen twice a year and extend for 4 to 5 weeks. If you happen to be driving on any highway within Florida, be prepared to be a moving target for these paint destroying pests. Their acidic guts literally destroy car paint. If you leave their remains on your bumper for more than a day you are asking for trouble. Now if it were only a few dead bugs on your car, no worries at all. A quick car wash and your off. This is not the case. A day of driving will result in thousands of these hellish beasts hunting down your nice freshly washed car and impale themselves in a feeble attempt at the game of chicken. They never will, but neither do you, back to the carwash again. Oh well. Sometimes you just have to remember that this is paradise even though we do have some moments of insurmountable menace from the lovebugs.

attack of the love bugs

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Joe Harris
Morgan Financial - Melbourne, FL
Lovebugs suck!  I need to get a bunch off my car.  They have been their a few days.  I already have damage on my hood from last summer.  That pisses me off!
May 12, 2007 12:48 PM