Asheville NC: The Sleepy Little New Age Mecca

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Strangely enough the sleepy little city of Asheville, North Carolina is a popular relocation destination.  While population growth is no where near that of Charlotte or Raleigh, over the past 10 years it has sustained a steady 3 to 4% growth. Known to many as the home of Biltmore Estates, a tourist destination that is billed as America's largest home, this city of 72,149 is has become an what AmericanStyle Magazine has called one of "America's Top 25 Arts Destinations."  AARP has also called Asheville one of the "Best Places to Reinvent Your Life".  And in 2007, Asheville was named by Frommer's Cities Ranked and Rated as one of the top seven places to live. 

 An uncharacteristic climate is a drawing card for this city.  Nestled quite nicely between the surrounding mountains, Asheville, which is the largest city in the western part of North Carolina, due to its elevation it enjoys a cooler summer as compared to the rest of the southern states.  This also means it also gets a few inches a snow occasionally during the winter months. 

 The migration from out of state has resulted in Asheville attracting a somewhat eclectic group.  In fact, CBS News once called Asheville "a New Age Mecca".  Indeed, any visitor who goes beyond visiting the Biltmore Estates will notice the variety of stores and religions are not quite typical of what you would expect in the southern states. 

 There are a number of nearby cities that contribute to the attraction and allure of the Asheville area.  Chief among them are Henderson and Waynesville.  Also, there are a number of smaller incorporated towns such as Biltmore Forest, a high-end community which the actor Robin Williams claims home, and Black Mountain, a very nice resort area to the east of the city. is looking for photos of Asheville and over 5,000 US cities. 


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